How should the drainage system be maintained?

It is a violation of §195-16 to pollute any stream or source of water supplied to the Municipal Water Department. In 2006, the Stormwater Management Regulations were adopted to establish minimum requirements and procedures to control the adverse impacts associated with increased and altered stormwater runoff. It is important to maintain the drainage system because any blockage of the system can lead to flooding. Please refrain from dumping grass clippings, leaves, or garbage into streams, creeks, and drainage areas. The drainage system must also be protected from chemicals and vehicle fluids. Make sure to dispose of household chemicals appropriately and keep your vehicle well maintained to prevent fluid leakage.

If you see illegal dumping or polluting, please fill out the Illegal Dumping for available through the Mayor's Hotline or contact the Planning Department at 402-597-2077.

stormwater management regulations.

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