Permit Fees

Building Valuation Data

The Building Valuation Data (BVD) table provides jurisdictions with a simplified way to determine the estimated value of a building that does not rely on the permit applicant to determine the cost of construction. Therefore, the bidding process for a particular job and other associated factors do not affect the value of a building for determining the permit fee.

Important Points

In most cases the BVD does not apply to additions, alterations, or repairs to existing buildings. Because the scope of alterations or repairs to an existing building varies so greatly, the Square Foot Construction Costs table does not reflect accurate values for that purpose. However, the Square Foot Construction Costs table can be used to determine the cost of an addition that is basically a stand-alone building which happens to be attached to an existing building. In the case of such addition, the only alterations to the existing building would involve the attachment of the addition to the existing building, as well as the openings between the addition and the existing building.

Construction Cost

The square foot construction cost does not include the price of the land on which the building is built. It takes into account everything from site and foundation work to the roof structure and coverings, but does not include the price of the land. The cost of the land does not affect the cost of related code enforcement activities and is not included in the square foot construction cost.

Master Fee Schedule

Please visit the Master Fee Schedule provided by the City Clerk.