1st Annual XENOFEST

August 12, 2017 - 4:00 PM

Gates open at: 3:00 PM

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$10.00 Cover at the Door
Under 18 Free
A portion of ticket sales will be donated as a fundraser for Koby Turesdell

No Outside Food Or Beverages

See amphitheater policies here

See concession menu here

Featuring TTFA

With Garoted, Xenophonic, Autopsick, Super Moon & Bastard Eyes.

Tickets Available day of show only.  More Information HERE

   In mid-May this year Koby Truesdell went for a swim in the ocean. Koby dove into a wave at the wrong time, right as the current swept away leaving nothing but sand. The collision rendered him unconscious. A friend who was at the beach and witnessed the accident pulled him from the water and was able to pump the water from his stomach, and performed CPR until the paramedics arrived.
 The accident left Koby paralyzed from the shoulders down.
 Koby spent the next couple months in a hospital in Florida with no health insurance. It took his family a while to raise enough money so he could be transported back to Nebraska safely.
 Eventually Koby did make it back, and he has had a long hard road to recovery, and it's far from over. He has been at Madonna rehab since he got back, but he is about to be released to the care of his mother (who does not have wheel chair accommodations) and do outpatient therapy. They have yet to approve him through Medicaid so they will need to pay for the next month or so out of pocket so he won't miss any of the therapy he so badly needs.
You can make donations to help Koby at http:/www.gofundme.com/kobymedical
Also August 12th there will be a heavy metal concert 1st ANNUAL XENOFEST at the Sumtur Amphitheater a portion of ticket sales will be donated to help Koby with his medical bills. In addition to a portion of ticket sales we will be having two different raffles one will be a 50/50 raffle 50% of the money will go to the winning ticket holder and the rest will go to Koby. We will also be raffling off prizes such as band merch, cd’s, gift cards to local restaurants and much more, 100% of the money from that raffle goes straight to Koby!!!
This is an all ages event.
Admission to the show is $10 anyone under the age of 18 will be permitted to enter for free.
For more details about the show please visit facebook@xenodm and click the event page for the             1st ANNUAL XENOFEST there you will find a list of bands show time and location!!!
Hope to see you there.


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